Southern State of Mind

It’s a Pirate’s Life for Me!

Hi loves and happy Saturday, weekend and everything! I’ve been meaning to write something for you and life got in the way. Crazy how busy it’s been. Anyways, I’ll try to keep this post short and sweet.

If you’re from Tampa then you know about Gasparilla, a huge pirate festival that takes place at the end of January on Bayshore Blvd. “The name Gasparilla was born from Jose Gaspar, a pirate who terrorized coastal waters of West Florida during the late 18th and early 19th century. Fond on calling himself Gasparilla, Gaspar and his band of pirates lived a life of seizing and robbing merchant ships off the Gulf Coast until 1821.” 813 Area provided this information. That’s a little background of it. “Tampa decided to adopt Gaspar as a celebration in 1904”.

So on this festive day, I threw a little soirée, dressed like a pirate, made yummy food and cocktails. Had a great time with friends I haven’t seen for awhile along with new ones! Food provided: red velvet bites from target, blt dip (I’ve posted the recipe for it on the blog ;)), more chips and dip, bbq chicken bites, and more.

Also made a pretty tasty mimosa from Pippa Middleton’s cookbook. Yep, she has a cookbook! It’s a tablespoon of grand marnier, champagne and orange juice. So good like I want to make it just for myself with breakfast ha.

Here are some snaps from Gasparilla. I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you went or have any ideas for next year too! xx

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