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Tourist Vibes: Winter Park

Sundayyy funday. So glad I got to sleep in today. I feel like this new year has already been busy and no time to relax. But today is another story! I’ll be doing some cleaning around my place and probably catch up on some reading and lounge around. Those are the best days!

Recently, I went to visit my friend in Orlando and we had gone to Winter Park for the day. It was my first time there and I loved it! I thought it was such a cute and quaint town. Have you been?

I can’t wait to go back and visit. We walked around, window shopped, stopped by one of my favorite stores (impeccable pig), had wine at Wine Room and just enjoyed ourselves.

We want to check out some restaurants on our next gathering and maybe have some brunch. Luckily the weather wasn’t bad just a little chilly! And I’m glad WP is only an hour away from me I would say.

If y’all have any recommendations on what to do next time I’m in the area, that would be awesome. Have a wonderful day!

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