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Favorite Finds

Hi loves and happy Saturday! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend as much as I am. I’m currently in Tallahassee visiting a friend for her birthday. Super excited for the festivities ahead and reminiscing in my alma mater’s city!

As usual, I’ve been letting you know some of my favorite things and here they are again. I have a few and if I’ve repeated some from the past…oops 😉

First: Draper James and their new merchandise lately. Like pretty affordable and so southern from the southerner herself, Reese Witherspoon! Also, how perfect is this tote? I may treat myself to it for five years of blogging.

Podcasts. I’ve been catching up on them and it is so great. Balancing your Hustle is one of my new favs to listen to. Just a couple of girls, Helen Peterson and Kayleigh Clark who speak about everything from dating to nutrition to fitness. Fun and easygoing listen to work or even at the gym.

Traveling. I always like to get away even if it’s just for a day. Right now I am in Tallahassee, couple weeks ago I went to Orlando and next month I am hoping to visit my friend in Jacksonville for a fun girls weekend. Why not do these things now than wait till later?! Love to catch up with friends and talk about our lives and not check our phones 24/7.

New foods. I’ve been on a kick of trying new types of foods. For instance, I’ve recently gotten into lamb (sorry vegans/vegetarians). I think it’s actually pretty tasty. Before I never would’ve gone towards it because I always thought I never liked it. I also had chicken liver mousse and it was so tasty! Like I would suggest going out of your comfort zone and see what you find yummy.

Paleo program I am currently in. I am in a course with Christina Rice (leader/health coach) along with like 20 other girls. I’ve been learning so much from added ingredients how to create a healthy meal to balancing/transitioning to a healthy paleo lifestyle. One way is I know as long as I eat a balanced way majority of the time and indulge every once in awhile it’s all good. I know I’ll feel sick if I have a sugar dairy filled brownie every day or pizza for that matter. I suggest taking the course if you have time!

Well that’s all folks. If I think of anything else, you’ll see it in the near future. Have a great rest of your weekend xx

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