Southern State of Mind

Travel Days

Hi loves. Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend. I’ve been resting up from surgery which is no fun but healing kind of quickly. As I am sitting here, I realized how many trips/weddings and more I have in the upcoming year.

Some of the places I am going to, I actually haven’t been to yet and wanted some recommendations from you! I mean what better way to explore a city than through some of my loyal readers and social friends?!

Sooo few of the places I’ll be headed to are Melbourne, Boston, Wisconsin, Raleigh and I believe that’s all for now. Crazy how it is all coming up so quickly. Like this year needs to stop and slow down. Before I know it, it will be fall and football all over again. Which is exciting but still…

If you have any ideas for restaurants, night scene, tourist things or anything that would be awesome. Feel free to find me on socials and let me know your thoughts xx

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