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Wednesday Vibes

Hi hi. It is humpppp day. Woohoo. Couple more days of this work week and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourselves and sleep in.

I haven’t done a post recently on some of my favorite things so here I go. Not too many new things but a few so better than nothing. If you want to see something specific on my blog, let me know. I love hearing from YOU!

I will start with on getting better sleep we’ll sort of but I am starting on it. One thing that factors into it is somnifix. What is that? I’ll tell you…it is actually mouth-tape. I know you probably thinks this sounds crazy but it’s not. It is tape you put over your mouth but they do have a ventilation piece for your mouth so you’re not completely suffocating.

Somnifix will “optimize your breathing patterns to improve breathing efficiently and reduce snoring.” It has helped but have to do it consistently to see results. I have though woken up with the tape off because it’s normal to want to take off in the first stages of using it. I have noticed improvements since I’ve been using it. Although, I did skip past few days due to a cold, I am getting back into the swing of my night routine.

Yoga is another favorite pastime of mine. I used to practice a lot but life got in the way and slowed down and stopped. But now, I got back into it since I actually won a couple of auction item packages with yoga in them. It has been awesome and so great!

The yoga classes I’ve been doing have been at camp here in Tampa and it is actually hot yoga. But it is not 109 degrees it is lower and it feels so nice to do. Even if it is a restore class to root to an express. Such a workout and something I am glad to get back into it. What’s your favorite type of workout? Have any go to gyms?

Being in the kitchen and trying and making more and new recipes for myself. I’ve been trying to eat better so I feel better on a daily basis. Recently I have gone on a kick where I’ve been creating things to eat and munch on every day for work lunches to dinner at home and breakfast.

It’s been tough to try to stay away from treats and being out to eat to see all of the tasty looking options even though I have to ask myself would it be worth the stomach ache after or not?? But I’m sure everyone gets those days too.

What are you loving lately? Anything interesting?

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Vibes”

  1. Hey! I recently started doing Bikram (hot) yoga as well…it is amazing! It’s so tough to motivate myself to get into that room…but I always feel like a million bucks when the class is over!


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