Southern State of Mind

Throwback to Being Irish for a Day

Hi babes. Today I am doing a little bit of a throwback but not from too long ago…Saint Patrick’s Day! Yes, that was a fun and eventful day with friends.

Irish I was irish 😉 ha. Anyways, started the day with yoga, then met my friend at breakfast at Samaria Cafe (had tasty quiche, muffin and fruit cup), and a huge iced coffee which was much needed. But I am also a coffee addict too so can’t blame myself there.

After breakfast, we walked to the Tampa riverwalk to see the river that was dyed green along with live music, drinks and activities. It was so much fun to celebrate! We then made our way to Bizou downtown Tampa for some of their infamous sangria. It was boomerang worthy if you follow me on Instagram ha. So basic I know!

Of course, we ended the night by grabbing some drinks in south Tampa which was super busy but totally worth it to see old and new friends to catch up and have a great time. Tampa has been making their Saint Patrick’s day more and more extravagant each year and it is so great they’re improving each year. Here are some snaps of St. Paddy’s, enjoy.

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