Southern State of Mind

Easter Sunday

Hi loves. I am feeling blessed today from all of YOU and having a wonderful morning filled with love and reflecting on the meaning of Easter. I wanted to wish you a very happy Easter spent with family and or friends. I’m hoping the weather will be sunny and nice for today too!

Today, I wanted to share some positive things and keep it all uplifted. So a few of my favorite things I am really into lately are tv shows, activities, and more.

Shows: Silicon Valley. Such a hilarious show to dive into and take you away from the real world. I honestly love all of the characters. It’s about tech world today and coding etc.

Bloodline. I am totally obsessed. It is on Netflix and my co worker actually got me into the show. It’s based in the keys and has to do with family business and all the family drama along with it. Living in Florida and having gone to the keys each year for family vacation growing up, it’s quite interesting to watch!

The Alienist. This show just ended on TNT and I enjoyed it a LOT. It was weird but soo good. Back in the day, studying mental health wasn’t normal so they called those doctors alienists hence the name. It’s about crime and mystery and acting is amazing.

Books: I am starting Melissa Ambrosini’s book Mastering your Mean Girl and I like it so far. This book is geared more towards body image and loving yourself. Once I finish, I’ll let y’all know my thoughts for sure.

Father Brown is another book I am going to start as well. I borrowed it from my aunt since I binged the show and I really really loveeeeed it. Like the show was fun and light hearted murder mystery. Also family friendly and it’s British and has Rob Weasley’s Dad from HP as the main character ha. Really can’t get any better than that!

Volunteering in my local community. I enjoy giving back and seeing the impact it has in my community. From doing food drives to donations to big fundraisers to see how that money raised is used and spread in Tampa.

Being in Junior League is one way to be a part of community and do a variety of things. League is a women’s volunteer organization in Tampa amongst many other cities. I also am a big sister in big brothers and sisters and it is a fun organization to be a part of. Having a little sister who’s 9 and getting to do some of my favorite childhood activities is always a good time. It also feels nice to be a positive role model in her life and see how she is changing and becoming a better person each and every day.

I would love to hear from you and your favorite things or ways you’re involved in the community! I am off now to easter brunch with the family and mass. Have a great day!

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