You're As Sweet As Pie

Crockpot Me All Day Every Day ;)

Come Monday … I swear these weekends are going by too fast. They really need to slow down! Like can we go back to Saturday where I got my hair done, relaxed with my pup did some hot yoga and hung out with an old friend?!

But here we are back in that work grind but totally fine because it will go by just as fast! I’m looking forward to this weekend since I have a good sorority sister’s wedding, seeing another sister and finally meeting her daughter and ending it most likely with yoga of course.

Andddd now I have another quick and easy recipe for a crock pot. It’s chicken. Surprise there! Ha.

  • 2 pieces of chicken
  • Purple asparagus (pack of them)
  • Paleo bbq sauce
  • Garlic salt to taste
  • Nutritional yeast

Let it cook on low/medium overnight or on high for it to cook more quickly. I really liked this one and I love bbq so I am bias. Let me know your thoughts!! Xx

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