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Wine Down with a Tasty Meal

Oh hey. See what I did there with the title of this blog? Ha. Considering it’s Wednesday and I have a recipe for y’all to try if you want 😉

If you follow me on the socials then you know I had made a quinoa based pasta dish and I pretty much devoured it pretty quickly. Anyways, the recipe is super easy and it tastes good. I promise I wouldn’t lie to you!

I’ll keep this post short and sweet so here is what you’ll need:

  • Can of natural organic chicken ( I always have some as a back up when I am low on food)
  • 1 can of gluten free tomato pasta sauce and mine happens to be low in sodium too
  • 1 box of quinoa based pasta noodles
  • Paprika to your liking
  • Chipotle to your liking ( I clearly like spice so I kind of doused it but totes up to you!)
  • Nutritional yeast a dash or so
  • Olive oil

Pour water into a pan along with ingredients. Let water boil then add in the pasta. Boil for around ten mins or so until cooked. Drain the pasta then pour sauce into pan and mix it together. And that’s all she wrote! Ready to serve. Enjoy!

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