Southern State of Mind

Everything Gets Hotter When the Sun Goes Down

Oh hello there and happy weekend babes. It’s been a bit but I am back with some new content coming your way. If you’re reading the title of this post then you probably know what it’s about… Kenny Chesney. Yes, I got to see him live again and it was amazing!

Old Dominion and Thomas Rhett opened and they were just as awesome. I’ve seen Thomas before as well and he just lights up the arena or stadium in my case. I love country concerts and the atmosphere. They are always a great time and fun to be at. I feel like I’ve gone to too many lately but hey who’s counting?!

Next show on my list is Luke Bryan with my mom and sister this summer. He’s sooo gorg and puts on a fun show. Luke also shows off his little dance moves which I am not complaining about. Ha.

Kenny’s show was so chill, laidback and felt like I was at the beach. If you know Kenny and how his genre of music is and how he is then you know what I am talking about. That sentence probably didn’t make sense but it’s Saturday and I am on my way to Orlando as I am writing this. No, I am not driving, my friend is. Safety first kids!

When my mom and I got to his show, we had to get a cocktail with Kenny’s coconut rum because it’s so good and refreshing. Even though it cost an arm and a leg, you only get it once like that at a show.

I also bought myself a cute little beach tank to remember the show by and I’ve already used it for yoga so clearly I really like it. I also want to go back to that show and pretend it never ended but I can’t do that so writing about it will do.

Well I am off since we’re halfway to Orlando and my phone’s battery is going fast per usual. Just another sign of me needing to get an upgrade. Have a great day loves xx

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