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Find of the Day: Planet Protein


Hello and happy Monday. I wish it was still the weekend so I can be in Raleigh celebrating my friend’s engagement and seeing old and new friends. But now back to reality for a bit. I am hoping this week goes by fast too so I can just relax or try to ha.

Recently, I tried a sample pack from Planet Protein and it was so tasty and a pretty nutritious snack. The pack had cherry almond fudge and peanut butter. I loved both and I don’t even like cherry but it barely even tasted like a cherry.

Here’s a few facts I learned about the company: vegan, gluten free, non gmo and they are working towards a more sustainable future. I am taking these little pointers from their brochure and words which is pretty awesome!

  • Our first powder, versatile and complete
  • Ecological recycled containers for our powder
  • Drive closer to carbon neutral shipping
  • Lower the use of and use only eco conscious packing materials
  • Introduce but free, hypoallergenic products
  • Working alongside like minded organizations and charities
  • Lead by example in the way we live our lives-both as a business and as individuals

I really think this is awesome and how they are working towards a better future for food, environment and everything in between. Planet Protein is also a local business which I enjoy supporting to give locals credit too. I suggest trying out the sample pack and let me know what you think and what your favorite flavor is. Now go out there and have a great day and week!


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