You're As Sweet As Pie

Going Bananas for this Breakfast ;)

Hello and happy Sunday! This weather is no fun over here in Tampa. It has been raining all weekend which sucks since it’s Memorial Day too. Can’t even get that sun in which this gal right here really needs a tan!

Anyways, I recently made a sweet tasty breakfast and just had to share it with you all. Super easy to make so don’t fret! I love sweet things so I feel like I try to incorporate it somehow even when I wake up.

I have started ordering from Thrive Market and I enjoy their products and service what they offer. They are an online grocery store serving everything from paleo to keto to your standard needs. One of the ingredients I have is from them which are coconut wraps. They are a healthier alternative to all those other ones you find at the store filled with nonsense 😉

This is actually a reminder to myself to place another order probably later this week for more goodies. They just added meats too which is nice and I may try that out and see how it is! Okay sooo what I made was a tasty banana crepe you can call it.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 coconut wrap ( thrive market)
  • 1 banana sliced
  • Honey ( I used savannah bee company)
  • Whole Foods tahini
  • Cinnamon

Use cooking oil on pan on medium heat, place wrap on pan along with tahini spread on wrap, banana, cinnamon dash of it, honey use to your desire and let it cook for couple minutes. I like my wraps a little crispy so I let it brown but it is up to you. It cooks a little quickly as well.

Place on your plate and it is ready to serve! Enjoy and have a wonderful rest of your holiday weekend xx

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