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Travel Days in Raleigh

Good afternoon and happy Memorial Day! I hope you have been enjoying your long holiday weekend. I know I have since it has been relaxing and catching up on a few things around the house which is always nice. I got some sun in yesterday but today has been cloudy and no fun weather to deal with. Hoping it clears up soon.

Recently, I went to Raleigh for an engagement/graduation from mba/moving out the country party. I had a blast in Raleigh and exploring even though it was only for 48 hours. I definitely want to go back again hopefully in the fall to see more of the city during an FSU football game against NC State. We shall see!

Friday night, when I got in, went out in Chapel Hill by UNC to a couple of local bars well known in the college scene. My friend had gone to UNC so she knew her way around town. First stop was He’s Not Here. Ha really gotta love that name. It was a fun and chill vibe with live music. They also have huge cups where you can fill it up with beer or Smirnoff or champagne which is what my friend and I did to share. You also get to take home the cup which was neat so now I have something to remember Chapel Hill by considering who knows the next time I will actually be there.

We went to another bar near by but I am drawing a blank on the name. Although, it was fun and lively group of people along with another live band who played classic rock and some country. After that, we called it a night and headed back to our hotel in Raleigh. The next day, we woke up and went to brunch at Beasley’s which was pretty tasty. The 3 of us split few dishes with chicken and eggs and had some cocktails. I had gotten a sweet gin cocktail at brunch which was different but quite good.

Since we were stuffed and after brainstorming what to do next, we decided on going to a Beer Garden which a had a rooftop to hang out as well. It was great weather so we wanted to take advantage of it. The rooftop and beer garden was pretty awesome, they had a whole back area with games, more seating and an inside. If you’re in the area, check it out, worth it!

Afterwards, we drove around NC State to see the campus which was pretty cool. None of us had been there so we wanted to check it out and see what it looked like compared to all of our campuses. We went into Videri Chocolate because you know you can never go wrong with chocolate !! It was pretty neat because you could see how they made the chocolate and everything in the back. I had tried the dairy free frozen hot chocolate which was pretty delicious and I wish I got a bigger size but next time ha. It was made with oat milk which I’m not even sure if I have had before but it was good.

Videri had frozen hot chocolate, coffees, different types of chocolates to try from 100% cacao with sea salt to milk chocolates. I always have a sweet tooth so this was a pretty nice place to stop at. Once we finished up stuffing our faces again, we walked over to a boutique, browsed around and headed back to the hotel to get ready for the soiree.

The engagement party took place at a Lebanese restaurant, Sitti which had a courtyard, wonderful service along with food and drinks. I had blast with the music, catching up with my friends and seeing the bride to be one last time before she moves to England! EEK but so excited and happy for her and her fiancé. Such a fun time in their lives.

If you’re wondering if there was an after party, yes there was. It took place at Raleigh Times bar which is a nice laid back environment where you can actually hold a conversation with someone else. With couple drinks there, some of us decided to move to a 90s bar then a speak easy. It was a LONG night ha but so fun. That was one way to explore downtown in one evening.

On our last day, it was Mother’s Day so we all went to brunch with the bride and groom at Parkside where we all recapped our night, how weekend has been and what was in store ahead for us. My friend Lauren and I split a refreshing fruit power bowl along with a savory banana’s foster French toast. Yes, I splurged this weekend to try some of the staples at the restaurants and see what they were all about. And it was sweet, savory and worth it. BECAUSE WHEN IN THE SOUTH, you eat it all!

Before our flights back home, grabbed a coffee from Starbucks then went to the pool for a bit. And just like that, my 48 hour trip in Raleigh was over. I couldn’t believe how fast it went by but whenever I go again, I will be taking a day off and not rushing around my time in the city. If you have any recommendations, let me know in the comments below or if you’ve been before, what your favorite spot was. Enjoy the rest of your day and week!

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