Southern State of Mind

What I’m Loving Today

Hello. It’s been awhile since I’ve written up one of these posts on what I am loving today and I have a few things for you. Since it is summer, I found adorable hats from Emily Ley and I want them all. Seriously so cute and perfect to keep your scalp and face covered out in the sun.

I found this awesome fun huge American float from Freedom Floats. I am really tempted to get one. You can be patriotic every day with it and why not show love for your country all day every day! If you know me then you know I loveeee all American holidays and this amazing country we live in. So it is perfect.

To end your day out in the sun, what better way to do it then in cozy monogrammed pajamas with lemons on them!! I found these from I Love Jewelry. You can even get a sports bra monogrammed that’s made with cute designs.

Minus the rain lately, the sun is coming out a little more each day. So I am going to try to get my vitamin d in when I can. Either the beach or just tanning by the pool. Recently went to the Don Cesar in St. Pete Beach for some r & r and got some sun for a bit. I may just splurge on myself and get those pjs and float. I mean they are perf for any day. Hope you have A GREAT day xx


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