Southern State of Mind

Celebrating America

Happy Independence Day! I am glad to be celebrating our freedom and wonderful life in this country today. And shoutout to everyone who have served or are currently serving our country now, THANK YOU. Today, I’ll be celebrating with some friends and then cozying up with my pup so she’s not too scared of the fireworks.

I am hoping the weather stays sunny with no rain. This summer in Florida has been raining almost every day which has been terrible. So fingers crossed for ALL of us! I found a few patriotic things I wanted to share for the day and maybe you can make the recipe or get that top for the next American holiday. Or you can parade around in it all the time and bake that treat whenever ya want.

Okay so let’s get to it. I’ll keep the rest of this post short and sweet because I know we all have a busy day ahead of us too.

Paula Deen’s Old Fashioned Strawberry Pie

Sandra Lee’s BBQ Ribs

Miss Americas Chubbies Shorts

Black Rifle Coffee Freedom Mission Kit

Black Rifle is one of my favorite brands of coffee to drink. Their chocolate flavor is pretty good too just sayin’. Paula Deen is Paula and I love her restaurant in Savannah and show. This recipe, I have not made yet but it looks pretty darn tasty! I’ve always had an obsession with Sandra Lee…don’t ask but these ribs look so FREAKIN good. Like now I want to make myself bbq. Lastly, the Chubbies shorts are a must. I actually have these shorts and they are adorable, patriotic and comfortable.

I hope you all have a wonderful pie, sunshine, bbq, family and friends kind of day xx

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