Southern State of Mind

Intentions for July

Good morning loves. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. I know I am by sleeping in for a bit and spending time with friends and my little sister from big brothers and sister program today. It’s sometimes fun to be a kid again! I am also happy that this weather cleared up too. Fingers crossed it stays like this rest of weekend. Anywho, I’ve been meaning to get back into the swing of things with posts as well and this is one of the topics I’ve wanted to write about….intentions. Intentions are always great to set and get your mind into the new month for a positive start. So now, I am sharing mine for July. First one to set is to not stress the little things and have more time for myself. This one is probably good for everyone. We all need to take time for ourselves and get away from the world for an hour or however long you want. Even if it’s just by taking a bath or a facial or reading a book. Setting time aside each day or once a week on a weekend is a great idea and something I am always working on. Finishing books that I’ve had on my shelf for awhile. I keep putting them off by watching tv or scrolling through social media which is a big time waster. Instead of doing those little things, I should put the phone down and have relaxation time to sit and read and finish that uplifting book. Currently, I have Melissa Ambrosini that I’m halfway through along with Ainsley Earhardt and halfway with Annie F Down’s 100 days of brave which I am really enjoying. I’ve been a reader since I learned at wee early age of when I learned how to read! Number 3: Eat more real food and cook more for myself on a regular basis. This can be each day cooking a meal for yourself for dinner or lunch for work week or even getting fresh meals locally here like from Fit Life Foods, LS Organics and more. I decided for myself to eat how I feel and not follow a certain diet at the moment but eating more fresh foods is def something I am working on in general. I also find it relaxing to cook and bake at home. Takes my mind off things and it’s stressless for me. I can’t stop finding recipes online which is probably a problem but is it really 😉 Lastly, keeping friends and family close in my life on a daily and regular basis. Calling a relative or staying in touch with a friend who’s across the country is always refreshing and keeps your spirits high. Well, there ya have it folks. What are some of your intentions for this month? Have anything in particular you’re working on? Have a wonderful rest of your weekend! xx

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