You're As Sweet As Pie

No Bread French Toast…Say what?!

Good morning loves! Today, I’ll keep it short and sweet just like this recipe kind of. If ya follow me on the socials then you know I recently made a tasty breakfast with egg whites and syrup. So I decided I’m going to share it with you because I liked it that much!

The recipe idea I got from a Paleo Beginners Guide and it was actually for paleo French Toast. Yep, you heard that right. French toast but without bread? What is this crazyness?! Well it still tasted just as good so it was worth a try.

It still enhances the flavors of French toast and the actual dish so you won’t be actually missing anything from it if that makes sense. This helps out with me too since I took an blood allergy test recently and found out I can no longer have gluten, wheat, dairy basically all the good stuff so it’s a great alternative.

It honestly doesn’t take long to make and here’s what you’ll need. And the book I’m talking about has some other great recipes too.

    Egg whites
    All spice I threw in there myself ­čśë
    Maple syrup
    • Coconut oil for pan

  • Spray pan with coconut oil and mix together egg whites and spices kind of like you were forming a piece of bread or omelette. Once it’s done, top with dash or so of pure maple syrup. Ready to serve. Let me know your thoughts! Have a great day xx

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