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Winner Winner Chicken Liver?

Oh hey. Happy Wednesday! Can’t believe this week is halfway through but kind of nice since I get to celebrate a friend’s birthday this weekend. I’m excited for that! Also, that means we’re closer to college football which is amazing because summer has been dragging and lagging ha. And if you know me then you obviously know I loveee college football and my Noles! I’ll stop being obnoxious now about it because you’re probably curious about the title of this post.

I wanted to be brave and try an organ meat so I ended up getting chicken liver. I’ve never had it before so I figured hey why not. Being bold over here which I never am. So I ended up grilling it and I thought it tasted okay but some of the texture wasn’t my favorite. But I wanted to share it with y’all because who knows you may love it and want to try it out again or even for the first time!

I just got into grilling more so I wanted to try it on liver. It was different and the parts of the liver that were cooked more and charred tasted ok but the rest of it I needed to really cook it more for me to like ha. Anyways, if you have any tips on cooking organ meats or chicken liver, let me know.

I did a pretty simple recipe though with pink Himalayan salt, pepper and Tony’s cajun seasoning with a side of broccoli rice. I added some bbq sauce too. Basic recipe and easy to make and just grill for like 6 minutes or so on each side.

I mean it doesn’t look that bad now does it?! So if you make it or try anything new, would love to hear from you. xx

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