You're As Sweet As Pie

The Skinny Confidential Sweet Yogurt Recipe

Hey hey it’s throwback Thursday today. Not that it really matters or anything but I’m taking it back to when I made a recipe from The Skinny Confidential’s book. It was a tasty yogurt bowl that was easy and pretty good.

I also suggest y’all pick up a copy of her book because she has a lot of good recipes, tips and tricks in there. Also, her name is Lauryn too so I mean you can’t go wrong with that!

All it was is almond based yogurt, topped with honey, berries or fruit of your choice, coconut chips. So simple and perf snack, dessert or even breakfast. I did it with blueberries because I love them and they’re full of antioxidants which makes it even better.

I’ll leave it at that and would love to hear from you on your fav snacks or sweet treats and if you pick up a copy of her book too. It’s an easy read and perf for your coffee table! Have a great day xx

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