Southern State of Mind

South Tampa Favorites

Hi my favorite readers and peeps! Happy Thursday. Today, I am coming at ya with some of my favorite local spots to go to. I know few of you are local or if you’re planning on visiting the Tampa Bay Area anytime soon then this is perfect for you.

Starting off, brunch places. Why? Because brunch is the best and so are mimosas and catching up with gal pals!

  • Cask Social- perf cocktails which the bubbles is my fav with blackberries I believe and some vodka but now I’ll just get it with Tito’s 😉 perf mimosas too along with live music on the patio, savory meals like chicken and waffles, tasty omelettes and quite a few takes on southern dishes
  • Hall on Franklin- this new food hall is pretty awesome. I love the vibe and how they offer several options of different types of restaurants inside the location. From poke bowls (aka the shrimp one is my go to bowl) to a bakery to fresh fish. I had a delicious vegan flatbread from the hall and in particular Bake n Babes the bakery there for brunch and it was so good. I know vegan throws people off but you should def try it!! Oh and their vegan chocolate chip cookies are sooo tasty.
  • Ciccio’s is another spot to go to. From pizzas to mixed bowls of chicken, fish and more, it’s a spot to go to. They also have live music along with pretty big cocktails like fishbowl size of sangria or they like to call it slamgria and mimosas aka maximosa 😉

Healthier Food Spots (juices, smoothies, all the goodies)

  • LS Organics- they are fairly new to south Tampa and I am loving every bit of them. Jacqueline, the owner is super sweet and puts out some tasty dishes, snacks and more. From makeup to smoothies, pre made meals, and even coconut butter which I still need to try. I’ve gotten the bison pre made meal and it was savory and the perfect amount for dinner, once I got a beauty powder to mix into a smoothie at home (loved it), and their rose smoothie. Really suggest you try them out and let me know what you think. LS also delivers and has meals you can preorder to pick up for the week ahead. I still need to do that since the work week can get a little chaotic!
  • Soho Juice Company- Soho is a local spot that has actually been growing. They have pretty good juices, smoothies, and bowls. I’ve had açaí bowls from them, smoothie and juices. Oh and little snacks. Their dark chocolate almond butter cups are my go to along with their coffee juice mixed with cacao and other sweet ingredients.
  • Sweet Soul- This adorable new smoothie bar is sweet. From the outside to inside of decor, it is photo worthy and just cute to be at. They even have a ping pong table outside! I’ve had a tasty banana smoothie from them (forgot the name of it but so good) and charcoal ice cream mixed in with matcha flavored one. The ice cream is soft serve and vegan which is even better! They are also owned by the owners of Ciccio’s so obviously must be doing something right !!

Lastly, I leave you with coffee shops and chill places to read and relax at.

  • Buddy Brew Coffee- They have few locations including one in Sarasota, Hyde Park Village in Tampa and near downtown Tampa. I love going to BBC for their signature drinks including coffee, smoothies and even food items.
  • Caffeine. This spot is also pet friendly so I have the option of taking my dog there if needed on any day. Customer service is always great with friendly baristas and fun to chat with. Caffeine also has a signature citrus drink that’s pretty refreshing. A lot of people recommend it too including myself to you!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear your favorite spots to go to in Tampa or your hometown. I love exploring and trying new things. If you go to any of these establishments, let me know. Go out and have a great day!!

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