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Map out Your Favorite Place

Hello loves. Are you as glad as I am that it is the weekend? I sure hope so! Recently, I got contacted by Modern Map Art to collaborate with them. I thought it was an awesome opportunity and a neat company to learn more about. If you enjoy art and interesting pieces then this is for you.

Modern Map Art is a custom based website and they make it super easy for you to design your map. From the type of color, poster, font, place, date and title. I chose South Tampa since that is currently my home and means something to me. I really like how the piece turned out. All I need is a frame and I am all set!

You can honestly do whatever you want. Maybe if it’s even your favorite city or place to go to on vacation or second home. MMA is also easy to work with and you get your art pretty quickly. I feel like it adds a unique style to your home that no one else has either. If you’re looking for something to stand out and be different then I suggest you try out MMA.

Modern Map Art oh, did I mention that you get free shipping?! GET ON IT 😉

When you get yourself a poster, make sure to let me know! Excited to see what you choose !! Have a wonderful weekend xx

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