Southern State of Mind

My Cheeseland Recap

Hi loves. I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I’ve been under the weather with a viral infection and nerve issue so it has not been fun to say the least. But hey, now I am getting a post out to you all that I’ve been wanting to write up. I recently made a trip to Miluwaukee for one of my good friends Lauren’s wedding. I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid too. Let me tell ya, this wedding was a blast, gorgeous and such a fun trip too.

I wanted to recap some of it so if you plan a trip up there, you have an idea of some spots to hit up. Even though I was there for a wedding, we still got to explore. First night was her bachelorette party so we went out to dinner at a tasty Italian restaurant, Onesto and shared a  delicious and smooth bottle of wine. Next stop was The Outsiders which was a nice rooftop bar. The weather was pretty cool out too well at least for this Floridian. Breezy and no humidity which was amazing.

The cocktails, vibes and atmosphere was a good one to be at here. Totally recommend it. Our next and last stop was Blu bar on the 23rd floor of The Pfister Hotel. You could see the skyline from this bar so it was neat to be at. I love hotels and think it’s fun to explore them so felt like we were a guest there even though we weren’t ha.

Next day, we had breakfast at Sip and Purr cafe which is a CAT CAFE. It WAS AMAZING. I LOVE CATS. I have a cat. I almost left with a cat jk. I was close to it if I was living there in WI. Anyways, we ordered our bevies and snacks and went to eat and play with the kitties. It was such a cool experience. I’ve been wanting to go to a cat cafe for awhile now. It’s different to eat with these cats versus your own and the environment. The cats are also up for adoption which is really nice gesture. Adopt don’t shop folks!

Afterwards, before the rehearsal dinner, we went to the Public Market. It was neat to explore that market. From restaurants to meats to cheeses to even Wisconsin gear, there was plenty to see. I bought mango cheese mix for my parents, a football shaped sausage for myself because it’s football season, an Aaron Rodgers jersey because he’s my boyfriend…in my dreams at least 😉

For brunch, I got a yummy acai bowl from On the Bus with bananas, strawberries, almond butter, granola and more. Then it was time to go get ready for the rehearsal dinner. Afterwards, we stopped by Brothers Bar for a bit before our girl Lauren said I do. Totally fun bar, it was near Marquette so a lot of college kids but mixed with normal adults too. Good music too. Next day was the wedding so not much there to say but lots of singing, dancing and me walking down the aisle with two men so that was a balancing act in itself.

Saturday, before my flight, we had brunch at Brunch yes it was called that. I had a tasty egg white omelette with a nitro coffee that was nut, dairy and gluten free. IT WAS SO GOOD. I’ve slowly reintroduced coffee into my life but know I can only have it so often. Not a daily thing like I used to do. And with that, we went to the pool for a bit then went on my flight back to Florida. I’m already planning my next trip to Wisconsin because I REALLY want to go to a Packers game. I know it will be freezing but whatever. Anyways, go and have a wonderful week xx

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