Southern State of Mind

Falling Into Favorite Things

Hi and happy Sunday! I can not believe it is already that time of year … aka FALL. Well not really fall yet here in Florida but hoping we get cooler weather soon enough. It has been so hot lately it is ridiculous. Today, I wanted to share with you few of my favorite things of fall. Hence the title of the blog post 😉

  • First thing’s first…pumpkin everything. Yes, I know super basic but honestly, I’ve always enjoyed pumpkin flavors so why not! If it’s good and makes you happy then have your PSL.
  • Fall weather. Fingers crossed for us Floridians getting cooler weather to wear boots and sweaters. If not, I’ll be doing traveling to Tallahassee and Charleston and Savannah in the fall soon enough. So during those little getaways, I can def pull off some sweater weather outfits!
  • Football is back. I am more of a college football gal but pro is fun for fantasy football so I can beat my friends each week. I mean when you get Brady and Bell (who needs to play still) you have a pretty solid lineup. And for college, y’all know I am all about my seminoles. Even though, our season is off to a rough start, we have a new coach so hopefully we have smooth sailing from here on out.
  • Dog walks. Taking my pup out on longer walks which goes along with the weather. So guess it ties into both but hoping the both of us can get more exercise in this year together.
  • Trips I have planned for the year ahead. Looking forward to some fun traveling, seeing friends and getting away for a bit. Super excited for my birthday in Savannah and Charleston. One of my close friends since 8th grade all the way until now is tagging along with myself, my mom and sister. Should be a blast! If you have any recommendations on what we should do in those cities, let me know!!
  • Hallmark & Lifetime Christmas Movies. Yes, they are back and I love them. I have been watching Hallmark & Lifetime Christmas movies since high school so quite some time. They are dramatic, cheesy but fun to enjoy with hot cacao or warm cup of Joe. I also have few favorites during the holidays like Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Dear Santa, Northpole, Christmas Incorporated, It’s Christmas, Carol! and anything with Lacey Chabert.

Well that is my list of favorites. Stay tuned and maybe I will add some more in the future. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and upcoming week! xx


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