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Friday Finds: Four Sigmatic

Happy FriYAY! Hope you all are enjoying the start to your weekend and if you’re in the Carolinas, I hope y’all are safe from Florence. Praying for everyone effected by the hurricane and for a speedy recovery. Now to the positive vibes, if you haven’t heard about Four Sigmatic now you have 😉

I heard about FS through other bloggers and decided to try it for myself. They are primarly a mushroom coffee company. I know that sounds odd but it actually tastes pretty good and they all have different benefits to each type of mushroom root as well.

Here is their background straight from their website:

Beyond the Portobello, an entire kingdom of mushrooms exists, many with amazing health benefits for immunity, energy, and longevity that have been studied for centuries. At Four Sigmatic, we believe in the real magic of functional mushrooms like Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane, as well as other superfoods and adaptogens like rhodiola, eleuthero, and schisandra to help us live healthier, more enhanced lives.

We make drinking mushrooms and superfoods delicious and easy-to-do with our Mushroom Coffees, Mushroom Superfood Blends, and Mushroom Elixirs. We sell tins for at-home use and single-serve packets, which are convenient to carry (and share!). We love blending our products with a cup of hot water and nut milk or mixing them into our smoothies and shakes. We have a myriad of recipes if you feel like getting fancy, and even wrote a whole cookbook about how to use them. But the bottom line is, we believe life is better when we’re #onshrooms, every day, all day.”

To say the least, it is pretty interesting and affordable and variety of ways to use the product. I have tried the lions mane coffee, hot cacao mix and quite a few types. I recently ordered their sample box so I had the chance to have several different flavors. Although, I want to get the matcha one since I really enjoy matcha and have heard only good things about it. The cookbook also seems informative to read and a new learning experience. May just add that to my list next.

At last, I leave you with this and hope you go out and try this tasty product. Maybe you’ll like it or maybe you won’t. I don’t know. Everybody is different so you won’t know till you have some. Could be an adaptogen, their coffee, hot cacao or even matcha!

If you end up trying Four Sigmatic, let me know…would love to hear from you xx


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