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Happy Halloween- Tis the Witching Season ;)

Hello my fellow readers! I apologize for the delay in posts. It has been a busy month starting with my 30th Birthday in Savannah/Charleston to a Tallahassee trip for a football game. I thought I would have time to write up some posts in between but I can’t believe the time flew by and I am just getting to it. INSANE!

I know it is late right now but I am going to send this post out now for Halloween duh. Plus, I am watching Ghost Adventures live which I am really obsessed with so I am in the spirit to say the least. Anyways, if you’ve seen my posts on the gram then you know how I love HALLOWEEN. It has been one of my favorite holidays ever since I was a wee little one.

I enjoy dressing up and trying out different outfits for each time to celebrate. You can even ask my sister and she thinks I am annoying on how long I take to figure out a costume. I literally had to narrow down like 8 of them for this year. I ended up being GB’s QB Aaron Rodgers/future wife LOL and a ref another night.

I will get to it on several tips on how to have a fun and festive soiree. I always make sure I have some snacks to munch on, cute decor, props, and cocktails of course. I had gotten most of my goodies from Target which is obvious from the adorable plates, napkins, cookies, trays and probably countless more items.

Some other decor I have is from Sur la Table, Walgreens and some of my costumes. Super easy and basic to do if you ask me. I have spiderweb wine glasses, pumpkin candles and so much more. Even realistic spiderweb from Walgreens so I mean totally cost effective.

I also found adorable little shot glasses that were paper cups from Target too. We made a cute boomerang with that as well. And lastly, great vibes and music. It’s hard to have a Halloween playlist unless it’s creepy so I stuck with some classic rock, rap and country. REAL random mix but it worked.

That is all I have for now on a Halloween soiree. Let me know what YOU dressed up as and or what you did. Would love to hear from y’all! xx

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