Southern State of Mind

Sparkle in Your Outfit for the Season

Hello dears! I will get right to it for today since it is Monday and everyone wants the day to be over… eek. Anyways, I have some favorite clothing items for the season and just had to share them. Who knows, maybe some of them will be on sale for Black Friday or sometime soon!

Champagne Gold Pants I am in LOVE with these and of course they are sold out at the moment, but I am sure they will get them back in stock soon enough!

Red Sequin Dress I really only ever wear dresses and I can even do that when it’s kind of chilly out too. But I would make it work with tights, coats, and everything in between. That is including this dress which is perfect for the holidays. I love the color and how unique it is.

Blackwatch Ruffle Neck Dress You can never go wrong with a classic plaid dress for the holidays and this dress does just the trick. It is from Vineyard Vines aka one of my favorite stores so y’all know I had to showcase something from them. I know it is a little pricey but their clothes last a good while as well.

Lastly, the perfect accessory to go with anything for the season well to travel with at least is this adorable little Merry & Bright Pouch

What’s your go to outfit for the season? Anything you have a tradition with? Oh and I am grateful for YOU all and to keep me motivated with the blog and writing each and every month. I try my best to write as often as I can. And be sure to follow along on Instagram at sweet_southern__ for quicker updates on what’s going on in Sweet & Southern world! xx

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