Southern State of Mind

Officially a Cheesehead ;)

Happy Monday loves! If you follow me on socials then you know I recently went to Wisconsin to visit a good friend of mine for New Years and a Packers game. Minus it being pretty cold, it was a blast!

It was my second time visiting, first was for a wedding and then it was for just tourist mode. I’ll definitely go back again but maybe when it’s not so cold. Although, if you layered up properly, it’s totally fine. At least I learned while up there too.

First day, we started the day with Pure Barre which was only my second time doing it but really liked it. Great way to start the day. Then we went to the Christkindl Market and had a blast. One of my friends went in Germany and said I should go check it out here in the states. It felt like a hallmark movie.

The market was perfect with this amazing hot chocolate we got that even came with a cookie (we both splurged a little here), picked up an ornament for my mom by Kathe Wolfahrt, dog treats and an adorable mug. It was a neat experience and highly recommend checking it out.

We also went to the public market and picked up some meat and had to get fresh cheese to try. It’s always better for you when it’s not processed and all the junk in it. And if you’re looking for a tasty brunch in the area, check out Sweet Diner. I had their gluten free chicken and waffles along with their signature spiced coffee with almond milk and it was so delicious. That evening, we had eaten at The Cheel which was a Nepalian restaurant and it was so delicious. I’ve never had Nepal food but it was worth a try. We all split several meals and apps and it was worth it. And yes, we did end our night with frozen custard in 20 degree weather and it was so good.

The restaurant had great service, environment and everything in between. Everyone is so friendly in Milwaukee it’s hard to complain or say anything bad. Well with my experiences to say the least! Next day, packers game which was completely packed ha.

Let me tell you, it was a blast being at Lambeau and experiencing that type of game day. Even though, we were bundled up, it was so fun. I want to go to another game already except I just hope they play a little better and not lose so badly. But hey, what can ya do?!

To end the day, grabbed some cheese curds and pretzel. I mean I was on vacation so I had to try everything. Not like we all eat like this on a daily basis. Cheese curds were so good. I mean Wisconsin is dairy land so gotta try it and it was totally worth it.

But to really top everything off, seeing Aaron Rodgers in person was my New Years gift. Haha. Too bad he wasn’t my date for New Year’s Eve.. a girl can dream šŸ˜‰

On New Year’s Eve, got hot chocolate from the market, hit up a brewery for some cider, shake shack, anodyne coffee shop, and for New Years dinner, went to a fun Mexican restaurant! Called it a night so we can explore a little the next day before I left. We went to brunch at Toast then a book store and insomnia cookies. It was a fun filled and busy few days but it was awesome to explore a new city.

The mid west is totally different than the south but in a good way. Such a cute small town vibe I thought in certain areas and friendliness and family energy. If you’ve been, where have you gone? Any go to spots? Well I’m off to work for the day and start to prep myself for gasparilla here in Tampa Bay! I will talk to y’all later xx

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