Southern State of Mind

Some of My Favorite Things

Hellooo. Today, I’m sharing with you all a few of my favorite things! Sound of music over here ha. Anyways, I’ve recently been using some new makeup, accessories and more so figured I would share it. Because why not!

Almay Smart Shade

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

Profusion Highlighter Kit

Acupressure Mat

The smart shade I love because it goes on smoothly and even has sunscreen in it. So it can protect your skin while getting all dolled up. Not a bad price and handy.

Eye pencil is awesome too! I like it to accentuate some highlighting too especially inside of my eyes and other spots like nose and etc. wherever you want essentially. I just love highlighting. Along with this can go the highlighter kit from profusion. They have so many options and colors to choose from. Perfect from going day to night or anything in between.

I use it all the time and now I can’t wait to use the others along with it too. I’m starting to get more into new products and makeup so who knows where it can lead.

Lastly, the mat. I found the mat actually from Skinny Confidential Blog and now I am obsessed. It is a mat that is good for relaxation, back pain, rejuvenating, and more. I’ve used it while watching tv or just to get my mind off things and for my scoliosis. It sounds painful but it’s not. You’ll get used to the mat and everything it does. Oh and it comes in can guess what color I got 😉

Those are a few of my favorite things. What are you loving lately? Anything new or exciting? Hope y’all are having a great week!

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