Southern State of Mind

Galentine’s Day…Only the Best Day of the Year ;)

Hi babes and happy almost Valentine’s Day or as I would like to say it Galentine’s Day! This time of year can be overwhelming with everyone doing couple dates and all that jazz and some of us don’t have that significant other yet or just want a girls night out. So I have a few ideas for you all to go by if you wanted to celebrate this weekend. Of course, I had to make a post on this due to Parks & Rec and Leslie Know. If you haven’t seen the show, you have to. It is hilarious! 

Galentine’s Day Festivities: 

Plan a fun dinner at a local restaurant and head out for some cocktails after. Can bring fun boozy gifts for your friends or just spending time with them is enough to catch up and have some new memories to make. 

Girls Night In. Have everyone bring over wine and a snack. Put a movie on or anything on Netflix that’s fun to watch. Yummy Mummy is a new show on Netflix and hilarious. It makes fun of real housewives and all scripted in Australia. I love it! 

Gift Exchange and Dinner. Head on over to a restaurant and have a fun exchange of a little something. Can be a bracelet or rings or anything for everyone to bring. Then have some dinner to catch up and hang for a bit. 

Beach Day. Have some daiquiris, good music and hangout on the beach for the day. Play some Bob Marley and listen to the waves. Hoping you can do that wherever you are. At least in the south right now, it is hot again in our “winter.” Hoping it cools down again for spring..guess we will find out! 

Well, those are my ideas for Galentine’s Day. Hope that helped you decide what to do. I am planning a dinner with friends and then some cocktails after. I’m excited and I know it will be fun! xx 

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