You're As Sweet As Pie

Recipe of the Day: Spicy Crockpot Beef

Hey hey. I can’t believe it’s already the start of a new week. Crazy how time is flying by. I’ll be visiting my friend in Orlando this weekend so I’m excited to get away and catch up with her! Side note, her name is also Lauren so it’s fun to go out and get confused with each other in groups haha.

Anyways, I recently made a pretty tasty beef recipe in my crockpot. I have no photos because it was just during the work week and didn’t think anything of it. But my dad really liked it and ate like half of it sooo figured I would write about the recipe. I mean I really liked it too just didn’t think anything of it yet till he said something.

Super easy to make and you can let it cook while you’re sleeping. Pour some water in the crockpot, 1lb of grass fed ground beef, bag of frozen veggies (I used a Japanese mix), hot sauce, bbq sauce and Tony’s spicy seasoning. I let it cook on high while I slept for like 7 hours or so.

Then it is all done and ready to go. Literally that simple and tasty. Short and sweet post for today and of course, let me know what you think of this recipe. Have a wonderful week and President’s Day today!

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