Southern State of Mind

Pastels in Winter

Hello and happy Wednesday! I recently got myself an adorable and cozy sweater from one of my favorite boutiques in Charleston, Sassy Shortcake. The south and FL doesn’t really get too cold for sweaters but it was cool enough in the morning to wear one the other day. It is pink, super soft, low cut in the back and has a bow that ties with it!

I honestly love the bow.  I feel like it makes the sweater if you ask me. The sweater is perfect for here since it’s low cut and not too heavy, it works out so you’re not dreading all day. It’s a little oversized on me but I like big sweaters. Great for being cozy, lounging or travel even.

Sassy Shortcake though has great clothing and I feel like I always find something cute and unique from them. In the past, I have gotten cute rompers, blouses and jewelry. Well, I guess that’s pretty much a little bit of everything that I have found from them..LOL. They ship as well in case you were wondering and have a facebook and instagram page too that you can shop on. Doing live videos and posting sale items is always awesome.

Sassy is located on King Street in Charleston and hidden little spot inside a building and up the stairs. Staff is always friendly and accommodating. Highly recommend you shop there when in Charleston or online and tell them I sent ya 😉

Here are some snaps of the sweater. Not sure if it is still in stock but I love it! Hope you have a great rest of your day and week xx


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