Southern State of Mind

Small Town Fun

Happy March!! I seriously still don’t get where time is going except for flying by. If you follow me on the gram then you saw that I went to Sanford for a day and it was so much fun. I was visiting my friend in Orlando and we went to Porchfest which happened to be in Sanford and it was awesome.

Porchfest is a festival that benefits the arts in their city and local musicians perform at homes on porches for a day. There were over 40 bands and some grub at a few shows too. It was nice to walk around, hangout with locals and listen to live music. We thought it was a neat concept and super interesting to do. Fingers crossed, they can bring one to Tampa!

While we were in Sanford, we had brunch at The Corner Cafe which was an adorable cafe in a pink building that was a little hidden but well worth it. The service was amazing and everyone was so friendly. I recommend going there if you’re in town. Chef Michael was great and explained the whole menu to us and we caved and just ate all the things.

Some sweet tea and their signature French onion soup which was amazing. Not every day do I eat like this but it was something just had to try. I mean the photo below says it all. Then we went to Wondermade and got some tasty champagne marshmallows along with some ice cream. I told you we literally went ALL out that day.

We walked around some shops then called it a day and went back to Orlando. If you’ve been, let me know where you like to go and what you suggest doing. Have a great week!

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