You're As Sweet As Pie

A Spanish Brunch

Happy Sunday babes, hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend. I’ve been in south Florida for my cousin’s wedding and had a grand ole time. Gorgeous ceremony, gown, and everything in between! Of course, seeing family was great too. Saw relatives haven’t seen in quite some time so it was nice to catch up.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. A few weeks back, I had brunch at a local Spanish restaurant Mole y Abuela and I can not complain. From churro waffles, croquetas and tasty bbq pork with eggs. For cocktail, I had a pomegranate spritz that was refreshing, sweet and perfect to enjoy on their rooftop. I’ve had their sangria as well before and it is pretty good too.

A couple of my friends and I enjoyed ourselves with a few dishes, cocktails and catching up. I just wish Florida wasn’t so hot and we could’ve sat outside even longer on the rooftop šŸ˜‰ But if you’re a brunch person, I think you would like Mole y Abuela in downtown Tampa. Near Franklin Manor, a sister restaurant alongside Osteria. So you could even bounce around if ya wanted to.

Having a Hispanic background, I can say food was up to standard and y’all would enjoy the atmosphere and vibes. The churro waffles were my favorite. I grew up having churros and they tasted pretty similar and just as sweet!

If y’all ever go, let me know what you get! Enjoy the rest of your weekend !!

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