Southern State of Mind

Disney Days of Summer

Hey hey. Happy June! Seriously, where is this time going by? I thought it was just the start of May?! The summer heat is totally in full force here in Tampa. It is insanely hot. Did yoga outside the other morning and my friend and I were regretting it as we did it. But it was a good workout so we treated ourselves with smoothies after đŸ˜‰

Anyways, earlier this week, I went to Magic Kingdom with my mama before my pass blacked out for the summer. Not complaining because the summer struggle is real here. We enjoyed our day with couple of breaks in between in the shade. Used fast passes on Haunted Mansion, Pirates of Caribbean, and Aladdin. Super fun to live out my childhood all again. Love going to theme parks!

Of course, we got our annual photo by the castle because you have to do that. Ran into one of the country bears after we saw the show and I remember watching the movie and being obsessed with it as a kid. I need to go back and watch it. It’s been way too long. Have you seen it? It’s a good one.

Not pictured is what we ate. Now, with my new doctor, I have a protocol of no gluten or dairy so I managed that at Disney and you can too if needed. We went to Diamond Horseshoe and I had gotten their onions, mushrooms, baked beans and pulled pork. The bbq was pretty tasty. I love bbq so I couldn’t pass it up. Then, for our sweet tooth, we had gotten ice cream which I had gotten the dole whip pineapple ice cream which is allergen friendly. It was perfect for the heat and right amount of sweetness too. I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile and I finally did woohoo.

Maybe next time, we will hit up Epcot or Animal Kingdom. Next on my list is to go on the Frozen ride I think it’s in Epcot! Anywho, have a great week. And STAY COOL IN THIS HEAT xx

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