Southern State of Mind

Summer Travels

Happy weekend friends! I’m currently on my way back to Florida from Alabama for my cousin’s wedding. It’s going to be a long day but it was worth it to see them tie the knot.

We stopped and broke up our trip in Tallahassee which was fun of course. It was a calm before fall and classes starting again. Always a great time to be back in our college town. We did some shopping, grabbed breakfast and dinner and caught up with a couple friends.

If only we had time to stop forever and have all the time in the world… Anyways, wanted to share with you some snaps from my trip. I have time to kill and why not! In our first stop in Tallahassee, we made our way to Gordo’s for some Cuban food, Liberty for cocktails and then coffee at Lucky Goat.

Shopping: Pink Narcissus, Narcissus, Elle Market and Loli and The Bean. Some awesome local boutiques. They all have Instagram and websites to shop on too. I’ve been shopping with these stores since college so I can totally vouch for them. Gordos is great Cuban food, Liberty has tasty cocktails, I had the Gypsy Eyes and Lucky Goat tasty coffee along with fruity oatmeal. And we also drove by my sorority house, which is always fun to do. It’s so nice rebuilt.

If y’all ever stop in north Florida, head over to the state capitol and see it for yourselves. Alabama, was a great time minus the heat. The darn heat was so hot. But it turned out nicely in the end. The ceremony was in a church so nice AC and then in a barn for reception. We had some Cuban food there that my uncle actually cooked while in town. Shoutout to Vicky Bakery šŸ˜‰

On our way to Alabama, we stopped at Sweet Creek and it was an awesome stop for some jams, snacks, peaches and ya know the southern things.

Anyways, here are some snippets of my trip. xx

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