Southern State of Mind

Country Roads Take Me Homeeee!

Hello my loves. It’s been a hot minute but I am back. I wanted to catch y’all up with a little trip I had to West Virginia couple weeks ago. I’ve only been to the Greenbrier up there so it was def fun to explore.

I was only there for two days since I unfortunately have to get open heart surgery but luckily it would be done robotically and would be a way faster recovery time. If it was done open down the chest, would be longer to recoup but glad I am getting the problem solved with a top doctor up there.

So fun fact, the hospital is right on West Virginia’s campus which was pretty cool. Glad I’ll be in good hands and in a fun spot to say the least. Anywho, we got to see some of the city for a hot minute. My mom and I went to Tin 202 for some cocktails that were pretty good, stopped by a coffee shop on the way to WV and had myself some gluten free pizza too.

Also, really enjoyed the fact that Tin 202 had a whole cocktail menu in reference to Seinfeld. Seriously made my day! And, I had gotten the little jerry. So tastyyy.

Next time, I definitely want to see more hopefully before my big day. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

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