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Vegan Cuban Bread…Say What?!

Yep, you heard that right y’all. It is really here. So crazy how for the first time ever well that I have actually heard of vegan Cuban bread. I have not tried it yet since it is currently in south Florida at all of the Vicky Bakeries.

My uncle who actually owns a franchise down there, told me about it and I am all about it šŸ˜‰

When you think Cuban bread, you don’t necessarily think about a different option for trying it out. But Vicky Bakery finally did it. Although, it is not gluten free, not sure if I’ll be having it but maybe I’ll try a slither.

All the reviews have been great and if you’re ever in the south Florida area, I suggest you go try it out. I mean what better snack then some bread and coffee right?!

My uncle’s shop is in Pembroke Pines so if you stop by, make sure you tell Tony I sent you. Have a great rest of your day and week! xx

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