Southern State of Mind

Glory Days

Throwback Thursday. Last month, I recently went back to my college town for a football game with one of my friends. It was fun and great to catch up with sorority sisters and relive the glory days. Well, we tried 😉

Tallahassee was still just as hot and I wish it was cooler out but that won’t happen for awhile in Florida. Although, the other morning, it did feel cool out, so that was nice. Anywho, when we got in town, we hungout and went to bed since the next day would be a long one.

Saturday, before the game, we had brunch at Centrale in collegetown along with cocktails of course. Then I had also gotten a cookie coffee from Magda’s and let me tell ya, it was so yummy. Y’all have to get it if you’re ever in the area.

It was a quick trip so the next day, we went to brunch then headed out. We ate at The Bada Bean and the food and coffee was pretty tasty. I got a coffee of course, one of their signature ones that was vanilla, mocha and something else I believe. Along with an egg skillet dish that was real good. They were pretty slammed so I suggest having someone go ahead of time to put your name in or go early haha. We did not but it was worth it.

Well, I am off for another work day and looking forward to the weekend and all of the Halloween festivities. It is spooky season after all!!

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