You're As Sweet As Pie

Sweet Ole Shrimp

Oh hello...didn't see ya there FriYAY 😉 so glad it's the weekend. Felt like yesterday I was just in Miami with family. But Independence Day in the middle of the week threw me off too. Although, the fourth was a ton of fun! Spent it with friends at the pool along with bbq and good… Continue reading Sweet Ole Shrimp

You're As Sweet As Pie

Tasty Salad with Fruit & More

Hello and happy Monday I guess...ha. If only every day were the weekend. I had a nice one with volunteering at a charity polo event, spent time with friends and even meal prepped for this week. I'll be having lots of chicken, sweet potato, and veggies 😉 I also made a tasty salad the other… Continue reading Tasty Salad with Fruit & More