You're As Sweet As Pie

Good Ole Southern BBQ

We are halfway through the workweek and what better way to break it up with some bbq?! On our drive back to Florida, we stopped in Georgia and found a family owned restaurant, Georgia Bob's Bbq. It was everything you would think of as a bbq place. Small, tasty, quick and you just order at… Continue reading Good Ole Southern BBQ

You're As Sweet As Pie

Dining Out: Goody Goody Burger 

Hi hi and happy Monday! Can't believe the weekend is already over. I can't complain though because I had a pretty awesome birthday spent with friends and family the past few days. I ended the weekend by doing a little shopping and finally trying out a new restaurant in Hyde Park, Goody Goody Burger. Goody… Continue reading Dining Out: Goody Goody Burger